Sirens is a music blog from the way back and not too distant future, focusing on sounds that excite and specializing in moving your heart. We’re here to take you a little farther off the beaten path than you might be comfortable with in hopes that you’ll find another new sound you can’t live without.

Ideally, you’ll then continue to spread that wonderful noise on to your own friends. That will allow these struggling musicians featured here to be able to afford the gas and food it takes to get them to your city and play a show for you!

This is not a bleeding edge blog. We won’t have the latest track from the latest and greatest minutes after it hits the web. I’ve got kids, a wife, and a life outside of Sirens of Decay.

My promise to you is that you will find great music. It may be two weeks late or it may be the first time it’s ever graced a music blog. I’m not concerned with being first to the presses. I’m concerned with finding good stuff, posting good stuff, and providing an entertaining ¬†platform for you to discover that “good stuff” with.


And for old time sake, this is what we (at the time it was myself and my best friend Matt (that’s him strumming the fake guitar in that ugly¬†awesome banner pic)) looked like in our very first incarnation from October 2010 to April 2011 before moving to Tumblr. Don’t you laugh! No, really, lulz below:


There’s also this thing on the side.